Our History

Royalty-Free (RF) Clip Art Illustration of a Caveman Using StoneWe have been in the publication business since 1972. During that time many different formats have been employed to bring you great magazines. For many years we even produced the Church Directory for the province. Destination magazines have been a large part of what continues to be our most popular guide to our communities.

Several publications were community news related. Our Christmas issues were always the highlight of the year. In 2003 Bill Maxon and Guy Watts were discussing the fact that there was little in the way of a publication for seniors in our province. This discussion led to our Platinum magazine. It was so popular that it soon became apparent that Platinum Magazine should be for all ages. Many writers have contributed to the magazines success and we thank them all for their efforts.

This year we wanted to attempt to give our seniors a vehicle to keep them informed of all the happenings in their community that are of interest to them. It also has directories for services that they may need. There are even sections reserved to show them how to apply for many benefits. Nostalgia and past events are combined with current things to do and enjoy. The publication is called “Titanium” (the hip magazine for seniors. This magazine will be an annual magazine and will feature our Christmas selections.

It is our inte4ntion to continue to bring you the best in publications. If you have any ideas or stories you would like to submit to us please do so. Click on our Contact Link on the homepage to get the many ways you can contact us.