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Digital Convert

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eBooks vs paper books

I am an avid reader but I haven’t bought a book in years … a paper book that is.  I now have a library on an iPad mini that is larger than the one that once filled my office and I take it with me wherever I go.  It is on my phone, my tablet and my computer.

I wasn’t an easy convert.  It took the experience of buying my wife a tablet and then having the chance to hold it in my hands and test the reading experience.  I could read in the dark or low light with a back lit screen.  I could make the typeface larger or smaller to suit me.  I could change the background in various ways.  I could underline make highlights and even add notes.  And best of all I could find what I was looking for when I wanted it without having to thumb through pages and pages for the item that was so elusive in paper books.

I am not alone in my perspective.  It has been at least a couple of years since digital books began to outsell their paper ancestors.  The paper book that cost me over $20 is routinely half of that and many times sale prices provide them at $5.00 or less.

So yes … I am convinced.

The same trends are following with magazines.  Platinum Holiday produces every magazine in digital format.  Paper copies are still available.  We print to meet the demand that we have.  If you haven’t taken time to browse our online products, go to and look at the magazines currently online.

We are convinced that you’ll enjoy them more than ever.

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